What's in my bag


Dear camera, films and related photographic paraphernalia (Relatively speaking, it should not be presented as "paraphernalia", "equipment" is fine. But they will be stuffed in a small bag, the number of them is relatively large... so I use "paraphernalia")

Hasselblad 503cx

Carl Zeiss Distagon T* CF 60mm 3.5f

Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* CF 150mm 4.0f

Hasselblad Pro-Shade

Extension Tube 32

Hasselblad Spirit Level

PM5 45 Degree View Finder

Waist Level View Finder

Cokin Filter System


iPhone4s in a big black case applied as a light-meter by using app LightMeterPro, and

some other stuff, such as SIM card, driving license and passport....

Hey, @ONA this is my latest "Whats in my bag"...



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